We all suck (and excel) at something

The self discovery path that started with an awkward conversation and ended up with the genesis of Skuap.

Franco Salerno April 23 · 3 min read
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It was a Sunday morning last autumn in London. Whilst having breakfast with my wife, looking at my coffee and absorbed by thoughts about a personality test I had taken a few days prior, I suddenly said at loud: “I suck as a Project Manager!” and, as a cold breeze coming through the window, she replied: “Yes, you do”.

It took me a couple of days to understand what that aha moment was about. I've been working on my self-awareness and others for more than 5 years, but that personality and strengths test led me to compare the results with others in the same role, and to see how "different" I am from them. Then, the second aha moment came: that differences are the things that make me special, and the things that I lack, are the things that make others special and I can learn from them. Boom!

What I got from my results is that I have a tendency to be more imaginative, creative, impulsive, disorganised, emotionally reactive amongst other things. Opposite to other Project Managers, who have tendencies to be organised, perfectionist, disciplined, practical, and critical, like my wife. The very thing that made me think that I suck at something in the beginning, helped me realise that this is a journey we all deserve to go on, understanding our abilities, naming the characteristics we excel at, and being able to understand what we need to enhance and what to diminish in order to reach our goals.

Skuap gave me the opportunity to make this journey real for everyone. We have built a platform that uses personality tests (Enneagram, Big Five, and 16 Personalities) to obtain actionable insights to create, manage, and guide teams with confidence. We made this quest of self-discovering easy for others, starting from a quick test that gives you enough understanding and points of improvement that are effortlessly actionable.

The main focus of Skuap is to use these personality tests to give team leaders a tool to better understand the people they work with, their role in the team, in order to assign them the right tasks, support their growth, have productive conversations, solve conflicts and generate a culture of self-awareness that avoids burnouts while taking care of the mental health.

At some point, we all want to understand ourselves in a better way, have that aha moment and maybe even a partner that tells you that you suck, because when that happens, something that was normal before, isn’t normal anymore. The desire for change triggers a new space for learning and transformation.

We hope you enjoy Skuap as much as we do building it for you 🧡.