Not a list of tips to improve your team's performance during the lockdown

Why understanding the differences within your team is essential for you as a leader

Franco Salerno May 05 · 3 min read
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I’ve read so many articles in the last few weeks about remote working and the best way to keep your team productive during these times. But something caught my attention a couple of days ago, an article with tips to successfully managing remote teams. The word success was all over the place, along with productivity and leadership. At a glance, the article seemed worth spending 8 minutes reading it. Honestly, I couldn’t draw my attention away from the second tip “Communicate a lot”, calling the manager to over-communicate to help the team overcome the sense of loneliness and isolation. Wow, so everyone is craving for another check-in call from you every half an hour? Maybe some people, but not everyone. That advice looks like a recipe for disaster, it might lead you to strengthen some relationships, but the effect of thinking that all of your team feel and think in the same way will impact and weaken some relationships.

We are not all the same, that’s pretty clear. My friend, and co-founder of Skuap, Maxi told me a couple of days ago that he doesn’t like people calling him without checking by chat if he’s available for a call. I can relate to that feeling, but at the same time I miss talking with people a lot, so I NEED their calls, even if we are going to have a call while working on something different. Maxi and I will both get the job done, but one of us prefers to do it asynchronously, whilst the other needs to gather people around and talk about what we are building together. Both approaches are productive, successful and lead us in our duties, but just in a different way, in the way that our personalities allow us to do it.

If I was going to share any advice with any leader today, that would be: learn to embrace the differences within your team, use that diversity as fuel to propel the work. Am I asking too much? Of course I am! If most of the things we read suggest that there is a recipe to be a great leader and all the ingredients are the same, then I am asking you to try a new method: learn how each ingredient is composed before even thinking about cooking. Will this take you more time? Yes. Will this be more sustainable? Yes.

Use this moment wisely. There will be a new normal after all, and the relationships you construct today will be very significant for the times to come. Do you want to be a great leader? Develop the skills needed to be aware of how you think and feel, and the openness and acceptance to understand how others do the same. That’s the kind of wisdom a leader should develop now. If you are intrigued about this, check our article with the 7 Tips To Improve Everyone’s Wisdom, just kidding, he! There is no magic recipe, but as we always say here at Skuap: any skill can be developed.

There are lots of tools you and your team can use to learn from, but we are proud to say that at Skuap we have developed a simple way to get real insights and give you actionable tips based on everyone’s personality. Feeling curious? Start by trying our remote advisor tool.